IT support for companies

We work in the shadows to let your site shine in the foreground.

Trust us to take care of your website, and we will make it reliable and as efficient as possible. Our services and actions are a real set of tools that will help your site always stay in great shape.

We provide basic services

  • Regular updating of information on the website (up to 8 requests per month).
  • Adding new pages, articles and images.
  • Database management.
  • Monitoring the operation of servers and hosting.
  • Solving technical problems such as broken links and errors on the site.
  • Updating CMS (Content Management System) and plugins.
  • Monitor for security threats.
  • Regular security system updates.
  • Protection against malicious attacks and hacks.
  • Regularly create backup copies of the site and database.
  • Guaranteeing the possibility of data recovery in case of failure.
  • Optimizing site page loading speed.
  • Caching to reduce server load.
  • Manage server resources to improve performance.
  • Implementation of new functionality and improvements on the site.
  • Website development in accordance with business needs.
  • Analysis of traffic and user behavior on the site.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of SEO and marketing efforts.
  • Make adjustments to strategy based on data.
  • Providing help and support to users, including online chat or email.
  • Ensure compliance with rules and regulations, including data protection laws and accessibility requirements (for example, for people with disabilities).
  • Launching and managing advertising campaigns (for example, contextual advertising).
  • Website optimization to improve visibility in search engines (SEO).
  • Maintaining social networks. Two optional (facebook, instagram) – 4 posts per week. Happy holidays to social media subscribers.
  • 5 new publications with a link to your site on other sites (for promotion in the search engine).

Cost of IT website support

492 €

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